We present a latest version of the ship modeled by Transas, which is the latest version of the 240 full mission missions. And simulate the engine and use. "Navi-Trainer Professional 5000", a simulation training tool.
And certification as required by IMO STCW 78/95, revised in 2010
For the engine side, we use the TechSim 5000, which has the same engineering capability and can integrate both systems.In addition, we have simulators for liquid cargo operations, ECDIS and GMDSS.
We can prepare all short courses of STCW.
  Introduction CoursePORT FACILITY SECURITY OFFICERS COURSE on 30 August to 1 september
# Free room&lunch # Free transportation from Srinakarin59 to AMCOL (first&last Date.)
We can issue certificates to the participants immediately.
When the training is completed and passed the knowledge test.
By the way
For the trainees have knowledge about the course
As with real work. The school has prepared a Ship simulator.
Both Deck and Engine For training Make it ready
Practical work such as the BTM GMDSS Radar Simulator ERRM course
To guarantee quality and build confidence in the learning system.
Our quality teaching Certified Quality System
ISO 9001-2008Lloyd's RegisterInternational (Thailand) Ltd
is completed
We have off-site training services on demand.
Customers like offices, hotels, ships or places.
At customer convenience
The training can be. Work in tandem with work
Or learning by the participants do not have to strike.
Or stop training at school and trainers can still.
Choose time to learn or train yourself.
 We have been accredited as an educational institution as
Ministry of Education And certified
From the Department of Thailand to the institution can open the school.
Teaching according to the regulations of the Harbor Department of Training.
Teaching knowledge And certification Boatman
According to the STCW Convention 2010
 The Naval Training Center has prepared a certification room.
Air conditioning for guests' convenience.
Get training without accommodation. Or easy to walk
The way to go during free training without charge.
We offer free consultation services. About training courses
The commercial navy And other courses related to personnel development.
From our experienced team. It will guide the visitor.
Training in the suitability of training in each job.
To support the trainees continue to work.
After training, we have coordinated.
With the shipowner in job vacancy
Of each company Keep the participants informed at all times.